Green Heron Bed and Breakfast’s Christmas Cranberry Dip

Well yesterday we finally got that snow, that will probably stay…and you can feel the excitement in the air, all over town, and here too! Ski clubs are grooming trails, boots, hats and gloves are being swooshed off the store shelves and we pulled out the extra snowshoes so you can tromp around even if you don’t ski. […]

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Fall Favorite Recipes

Despite the warm weather this past weekend, the leaves at peak color are showing us that we are certainly in “prime time fall”. According to the DNR fall color finder, we have reached 75-100% of color in our area. There is no better time to enjoy apples, and feeling warm and cozy as the Minnesota […]

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Grand Rapids MN Fall Activities

The days are growing cooler in Grand Rapids and the sunsets are happening a little earlier in the evening. We love Fall for many reasons. At the Green Heron B&B, we believe Fall was made for curling up in one of our fireside chairs to read a book while drinking a cup of coffee (featuring some of our […]

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Lakeside Bed and Breakfast in Minnesota

We’ve been enjoying a beautiful summer spent lakeside at our Minnesota bed and breakfast, especially our time spent on the beach and in the water. We’ve been spending a lot of time outside, working on the gardens and patio. The gardens and patio give us a great reason to sit and listen to the sounds of the lake, […]

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Minnesota Bed and Breakfast June Update

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Whoa! Time Flew By!

The Green Heron Bed and Breakfast absolutely had a fantastic summer and early fall and hope all our guests did too! I noticed we haven’t updated our blog since May 7th…my how time flies. In that post we were talking about  “ice-out” .



It won’t be long before we start tracking how deep the ice is, […]

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Ice Out!!

“Ice out!” is a big deal for those of us in the North Woods – and today is the day we can actually look out onto the lake and NOT see any ice left!  The definition of “Ice Out” is actually a seriously discussed topic up here… and our accepted definition is when you can […]

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We’re Tapping Trees

Well it has indeed been a very cold winter! But the sun has been out for several days in a row now, the willows and dogwoods are standing out bright against the bare branches of the other trees on the roadsides and woods and there are even patches of grass here and there.  The nights […]

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Too cold?! Not when you’re having fun!

The thermometer may say it’s cold out….and it is. But when you’ve got your skiing, fishing, snowshoeing, or snowmobiling gear on who cares?  Here are a couple great sites for you to keep track of snow conditions for cross-county skiing and snowmobiling in Grand Rapids, and one for trail conditions across Minnesota.

The Green Heron is […]

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Great First Season!

Wow! We can’t believe summer has already ended and we are racing full speed into the fall temperatures and colors. There are still folks out every morning fishing, and the trails look amazing. Think we have a couple more weeks here to enjoy some spectacular color shows. If you go to Minnesota’s  DNR’s web site, […]

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