Minnesota sunsetThe Green Heron Bed and Breakfast is located on Pokegama Lake, a destination in itself for recreation and fishing in both summer and winter!  The 6,612 acre lake is one of Minnesota’s  largest, but you would never know it with the many bays and arms. There are several public landings, with parking, on Pokegama. The closest to the Green Heron is Kings Landing, on Golf Course Rd (you can see it from our beach) and Tioga is minutes away.  We also have room for you to park your trailer and you can tie up at our dock or beach.  If you don’t have your own boat there are a couple places in town and on the lake to rent from and our local guides will pick you up and drop you off right at our dock. Check the Lake Link at the bottom of this page to see a map and for an idea of the variety of fish found here.

Pokegama is a lake with many personalities. Depending on the season and time of day you may experience visits from our resident bald eagles, great blue herons, loons and many other ducks, a variety of woodpeckers and our namesake…green herons, which have had a rookery in our side yard every spring. Deer, grouse and turkey have also been known to wander through.   Other times you can experience the excitement of fishing tournaments, fireworks displays, hockey  tournaments, boiling maple syrup…the list goes on and on.


More information on Pokegama lake can be found at:

Lake Link – Pokegama Lake, MN